About Me

Hi I’m Kai! – the Hawaiian word for “ocean”.

My identity is shaped by the fact that I was born to military parents and grew up constantly on the move (living in places such as Virginia, Kansas, South Korea, Hawaii, and Georgia).  I am recent graduate of the University of Virginia and just started my two years of Peace Corps service in Uganda.

I am striving to perfect my Ateso during my time here – the local language spoken by the Iteso (the tribe into which I am hoping to integrate). Though English is the official language of Uganda, (one of the legacies of colonialism) Ateso is one of over 40 languages spoken in this country.  My  number one motivation for becoming fluent in this language is my desire to form deeper relationships with the people of my village.

I started this blog to show my friends and family what village life is really like as well as document what I hope will be a once in a lifetime experience.  Leave me a comment if you wanna chat!